At Over The Moo, we believe that saying ‘nyet’ to dairy shouldn’t mean bland desserts.


We’re committed to delivering ice cream with the same smooth creamy texture as the dairy stuff and literal bucket-loads of flavour. Think crunchy toffee balls and ooey gooey chocolate fudge sauce.


Basically, it’s dairy free ice cream that’s good enough to fool your Granny.

Over The Moo started in 2015 when our Founder Alexander Houseman (a lactose intolerant guy) went on the hunt for an ice cream that was dairy free but still delicious.


Constantly disappointed by the lacklustre dairy free options available, he decided to team up with a seasoned ice cream maker to make his own. Over The Moo is what happened next.

What the heck is Over The Moo? 

Today, we’re available in over 900 stores nationally – find your local here – and we’ve launched Australia’s first ever dairy free ice cream van.


So maybe time to crack a coconut and give those cows a holiday? Heck yeah!

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