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Got a question? Ask away!

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you have a different query - maybe you want to ask us if our office dog prefers the ball or the frisbee - head to our our contact page and fling us an email!


Is Over The Moo vegan friendly?

Yes. Zero animal-related ingredients.


But, there's always a but. The machines we use to make Over The Moo are also used to process other brands of ice cream which do sometimes egg. These machines are thoroughly washed and cleaned in accordance with all Australian food regulations. 

Is Over The Moo soy free?

Our ice creams are made on lines that also makes products containing soy.


Even though these are cleaned on the reg, it's a possibility that they contain soy, even though it's heaps unlikely. Soy sorry.

Where does the vanilla come from?

Madagascar! There's more to this island nation than lemurs and lost penguins... so much more. According to the United Nations, it produces 59% of the world's vanilla pods.

Is Over The Moo gluten free?



We followed up with all of our suppliers to ensure that none of the ingredients we use contain gluten or any other derivative of wheat. 

Even the cookies we use in Dream Team Cookies 'n Cream are gluten free. Beat that. 

Who did all the Over The Moo drawings?

Some legendary guy called John. If you have any good ideas for more cartoons drop us a line on the Over The Moo Contact page.


We can perhaps bribe John with free ice cream and he'll draw some more!

Is the chocolate actually dairy free?
Where can I buy Over The Moo???

We're not on sale everywhere! Yet, at least.


If you're looking for Over The Moo, check out our map on our Track Us Down page.


If you're unable to find a stockist near you make sure you send us an email at our Contact page.


Tell us your name, your suburb (address not necessary) and what product you are looking for. 

You will prompt Over The Moo to make a visit to your area. 


And rest assured, your email will land in our Head Honcho's inbox and not shared with anyone else.

Um, what's with the plastic packaging? 

You bet. 


We work with some serious culinary talent to produce great tasting dairy free chocolate chips and dairy free chocolate sauce to go into our Choc! Choc! Who's there? and We're Mint To Be products. 

Is coconut good for you?

We aren't nutritionists, or dieticians, or statisticians, or anyone else with the 'ician' suffix.


In fact, we wouldn't know a white lab coat if it was in an inner city thrift store offering us unsolicited test tubes of Gatorade.


But. We are quite good at "The Internet". We used it to find some reputable answers to this question.


The BBC Good Food Guide are quite impartial (they speak with a posh accent after all!). They say 'Go for it' but 'in moderation' because coconut has 'lauric acid'; a professional crime fighter and apparently helps your heart out in its spare time.


Ok, ok. So everything in moderation? Worth a shot.

Plastic bad. Cardboard good, right? Nup!

Plenty of ice cream these days comes in eco-looking cardboard pints. Sadly, many are coated in plastic meaning they while they give off a swoon-worthy environmental vibe, they are not actually recyclable. 

The pots we use are plastic and suitable for all kinds of things. Dishwashers and microwaves included. 


They're are also recyclable. If you happen to live in a broom cupboard (like us!) and don't have room to store the epic number of old ice cream pots then please give your empty pots to the hard-working guys with the big truck who roll around your suburb once a week playing hip hop with the windows down (aka the garbage-people!). 

Dairy-free? Are you for real? 

Yes, we're totally for real.


Every single batch of Over The Moo is tested in an external food lab to make sure it's 100% free from the moo juice. Our tests are accredited by these guys and they are wearing lab coats so you know they're legit. 



Where is it all made? 

Well in Sydney of course! A pack of seasoned ice cream makers, in business for 50 years, put their noggins together with our lactose intolerant Head Honcho Alex to develop the magic recipe for Over The Moo.

But what about the planet? 

So glad you asked. Cows make dairy milk and while they’re doing it they make a crazy amount of burps and farts, drink a load of water and produce heaps of poops that have to be scooped. All this takes a massive toll on mummy nature.


Our coconuts don’t burp or fart or poop and they’re not nearly as thirsty as cows. That means Over The Moo is naturally way better for mummy nature than ice cream made from dairy. In fact, when it comes to global warming, 1L of dairy milk produces about 20 times more C02 than 1L of coconut milk. Holy cow!


Where does that sweet, sweet flavour come from? 

We use regular old sugar. That’s right, sugar!


Why? Because we want Over The Moo to taste like ice cream not a raw cacao nut bar that our yoga teacher made for us. When we were cooking up our recipe we did play with all kinds of sweeteners like Stevia, Natvia and date syrup but they just didn’t cut it in terms of flavour.

Sweetening with sugar (the OG sweetener) means that Over The Moo delivers the old-timey ice cream flavour that you know and love! Heck yeah! 

Does the E in 'E number' stand for evil? 

Let us know! 


We love meeting new people and we're always down for a chat. Make sure you go to the Contact page and we'll get your email.

In order to take our ice cream to an 11/10 we need to add stabilisers, listed as 'emulsifiers' and gums like 'guar'. These ingredients are all approved by FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) and are all plant based. Yay! They are there to give Over The Moo it's delicious ice cream-y texture. They basically keep it smooth, creamy and dreamy and prevent the ice cream from becoming an icy soup (ew).


Even though this is all business as usual in the ice cream business, these ingredients have a bit of a bad rep. Regardless of what they’re made of, they are classed by law as an 'additive' and we have to list them with the freaky E. LSS, stabilisers are there to keep Over The Moo delicious and if delicious ice cream is wrong, we don’t want to be right! 


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