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Under Construction


We're cooking up some new stuff. We've got an idea for a coffee mug that doubles as an iron and we're putting in a patent for a set of knitted beards too. 


Also, we're giving a some of our flavours a bit of a rejig. While you won't be seeing these guys for the next little while, some will be back better than ever in the near future. 

Over The Moo's ice cream


Over The Moo currently has five flavours. We got feedback from A LOT of people to help us improve each one. 168 people to be exact. That's right, we have 168 sticky, grubby fingerprinted questionnaires saying things like:


"effing amazing!" Toby

"needs more cowbell (and mango)" Hannah

"best day of my life" Phoebe



We improved our flavours over and over again, each time refusing to compromise flavour because we couldn't use dairy milk. We got great feedback each time and after all that work (without blowing our horns too much) we think our flavours are pretty good. And yes, every last one of them is dairy free, vegan and made from only the most delectable of coconuts. 


14067_500mL_Renders_Angle_Espresso_v1_LR RGB.png
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