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Vegan Ice Cream - Me Me Black Sesame

Coconut milk ice cream swirling with Japanese-style roasted black sesame. Heck yeah!

This black sesame coconut ice cream is like your first high school relationship. So sweet, but oh-so nutty. You day-dream about their super-dooper Sudoku skills, your conversations of pure emoji and Saturday nights of karaoke. It’s like no other ice cream you’ve had before and it’s creamy-dreamy nuttiness stays with you long after its gone.



Nutrition Information

Serving size: 61g (100mL) 

Serves per pack: 5 (500mL) 


Reconstituted coconut milk 71% [water, coconut milk powder, maltodextrin (1400), food starch (1450)], sugar, black sesame paste 8.3%, glucose (corn), vegetable gums [sodium alginate (401), locust bean gum (410), guar gum (412)], emulsifiers (471, 475), monosaccharide, salt.


Made on equipment that also makes products containing eggs, sesame, peanuts and tree nuts. Contains Sesame.  

Scoop Up Something Different 

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