Vegan Ice Cream - The Espresso Lane

Coconut milk ice cream with businesslike amounts of coffee. Heck yeah!

*fist pump*


How does this ice cream taste so good? When we made this recipe it was ‘business-time’. We wore business suits and gave out business cards. Afterwards we ‘did’ a business lunch, ordered espressos and answered calls, “talk to me”. It’s so fist-pumpingly good because we made this ice cream our business.




Nutrition Information

Serving size: 61g (100mL) 

Serves per pack: 5 (500mL) 


Reconstituted coconut milk 80% [water, coconut milk powder, maltodextrin (1400), food starch (1450)], sugar, corn syrup, coffee paste 3.0% [corn syrup, sugar, water, coffee paste, food acid (330), salt, flavours], vegetable gums (sodium alginate, carob, guar), vegetable emulsifiers (471, 475), monosaccharide, salt.


Made on equipment that also makes products containing eggs, sesame, peanuts and tree nuts. 

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