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Vegan Ice Cream - Ginger Ninja Karate Choc

Coconut milk chocolate ice cream rammed with chunks of gingernut cookie. Heck yeah!


Gingernut cookie and chocolate coconut ice cream is one terrific twosome. Granted, they don’t fight crime or have a signature handshake. They aren’t even in any ‘80s karate movies… But let’s not hold that against them. Bottom line is we put them together in this coconut ice cream, and together they make the world a better place.



Nutrition Information

Serving size: 61g (100mL) 

Serves per pack: 5 (500mL) 


Reconstituted coconut milk 63% [water, coconut milk powder, maltodextrin (1400), food starch (1450)], sugar, gingernut cookies 8.2% [gluten free flour (tapioca besan), raw sugar, vegetable oil (soy), golden syrup, treacle, ginger powder 1.4%, guar gum (412), raising agent (sodium bicarbonate)], glucose (corn), cocoa powder 2.5%, vegetable gum [sodium alginate (401), locust bean gum (410), guar gum (412)], emulsifier (471, 475), monosaccharide, natural chocolate flavour <1%, salt.


Made on equipment that also makes products containing eggs, sesame, peanuts and tree nuts. Contains soy. 

Scoop Up Something Different 

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