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Bow down to mint and chocolate, the original power couple.


They wield tremendous influence because of their devastating good looks and mega personalities. Who knows why it works but it just does. Fresh minty goodness cut by the brooding darkness of chocolate, it's a monumintal partnership. Divorce? Never. 

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Vegan Ice Cream - We're Mint to Be



Nutrition Information

Serving size: 61g (100mL) 

Serves per pack: 5 (500mL) 


Coconut cream 39% (coconut cream, xanthan gum), water, sugar, choc ripple 11% (water, sugar, glucose [corn], cocoa powder, vegetable fat, cocoa liquor, thickener [1422], vegetable gum [440], flavour, preservative [220]), chocolate chips 8% (cocoa solids, sugar, sunflower lecithin), glucose (corn), emulsifier (471), vegetable gums (guar, carob, sodium alginate), natural flavour, salt, natural colours (plant
extract, turmeric extract).


Made on equipment that also makes products containing eggs, soy, sesame, peanuts and tree nuts. 

Scoop Up Something Different 

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