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Easter Sundae

Pic: Kate Parker Photography


1 Peep

Prep Time

5 Mins

Tastes Like

Bunny love

Easter is here which means winter is coming which means you can really go ham on the desserts. This Easter Sundae has you covered all long weekend long. 


  • Over The Moo ‘I feel for Caramel’ ice cream

  • 2 Treat Dreams Creme Eggs 

  • Handful of pretzels

  • Pocket full of dreams


  1. Pop three generous scoops of Over The Moo into a bowl. Four if you're feeling depressed, five if you're up for a challenge. 

  2. Smash two Treat Dreams Creme Eggs and sprinkle them onto the ice cream. Add some salty pretzels. 

  3. Top with a fun garnish, maybe an upside down cone or a little baby chicken? 

  4. Dig in ASAP. 

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